Young Stroke Retreat: Oct 16 Sunset Beach, N. C.

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Young Stroke: Is There Help?

Over 30% of all strokes occur in people under 65. That’s not well known, even among stroke survivors and their families, much less the general public.  Thirty percent is significant. That number is big enough to warrant services designed specifically for the under-65 demographic. And it means that financial, social and medical solutions must be found for this demographic, whose needs are different from their elders.

Thank God for Amy Edmunds, who had a stroke at 45, and organized YoungStroke to help enable her peers to survive and thrive. She has been recognized both nationally and internationally for her work with YoungStroke and her efforts to increase research, raise awareness and political lobbying.   YoungStroke has a website and Facebook page that have become a welcome gathering place for young stroke survivors, who are so often isolated.

YoungStroke’s Fall Retreat is the second in a series of three programs given in 2015 for young stroke survivors. It’s an opportunity to listen to the newest in research from scientists and rehabilitation medicine experts. It offers a chance for those recovering from stroke to meet others in the community and exchange stories and learn from each other.

If you are, or someone you love is, a young stroke survivor, I think there are great resources to be found at YoungStroke.




YoungStroke’s Fall Retreat is almost here! Held at Sea Trail Resort, located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, accommodations include breakfast and lunch and will begin October 16. Registration is now open at

Take full advantage of the exceptional beauty of this eastern shore community with special weekend rates and accommodations. You have until Wednesday, September 30 to receive discounted rates.

Here are some of the speakers:

Bob Mandell, young stroke survivor and founder of The Stroke Research Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to improve post-stroke lifestyles by promoting a range of 21st Century therapeutic modalities. They also address the underfunding of rehabilitation research, develop media campaigns seeking to increase stroke awareness, and support its Stroke Recovery Fund which provides stroke rehabilitation therapy for people without the means to pay themselves. Learn more at

Dr. Souvik Sen of the University of SouthCarolina Medical School will share outcomes of focus groups from the June conference. He will further explore potential gaps in knowledge. Attendees will be invited to preview his new assessment tool. The audience will be invited to participate in a focus group.

Lee Pearson of the South Carolina Institute for Medicine and Public Health will serve YoungStroke as the keynote of the Fall Retreat. He will address the current challenges of educating legislators about young stroke

Registration is open now!
Learn about other upcoming YoungStroke events and visit website at YoungStroke.